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" If your action inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, Do more and BECAME more , you are a LEADER "

John Quincy Adams

What We Do?


Growing the innovative mindset and innovation culture


Making sustainable technopreneurship and entrepreneurship

Financial Management

Financial Literacy and Management for everybody


Indonesia – with more than 260 millions citizen in 2016 – only has 1% - 1.5% business man. The economic growth requires more people to be entrepreneurs.

At the moment many people believes entrepreneurship will be difficult,it need to be a complex thing or entrepreneurship is only for retired people by raising cattles or doing vegetable farming.

However we believe that entrepreneurship is neither difficult nor easy as it is a both science and art. The issue of entrepreneurship is not about the idea origination only but about the continuity,persistence and the journey towards success. 90% of startup companies in Silicon Valley failed and only 10% made it according to one survey. The same survey haven't been done in Indonesia and we would assume that the situation might not be so different here eventhough the digital economy still at its infancy here.


People think innovation must be complex and high technology. People keep relating it with manufacturing airplane,mobilephone,electric car and etc. However innovation at its best is innovation that implementable and can bring solution to people.Innovation can be defined simply as a "new idea, device or method". Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs that could increase the product or service value.

Innovation could be in Technology and also on business model. Imagine how Amazon revolutionizes the commerce a decade ago. Imagine as well how Netflix revolutionize the movie entertainment. For local level imagine how Gojek,Grab and etc. revolutionize the conventional ojek or taxi hailing to a complete apps used by millions of people in Indonesia. The culture of innovation in our society and corporation is rather poor as people still avoid of doing mistake for the worry that they will be punished or scolded for doing so (culture of shaming). We want to create a positive innovation culture,a collaborative and supportive environment that foster and help innovators to learn and fix their mistakes to reach future success (imagine if Thomas Alfa Edison punished or gave up after 1 -2 experiments,perhaps we will have no electricity or lamp by now ! ).

To reach this we plan to do a series of training and workshops through 2017 and 2018. We also aim to do first ever InnovFest in Indonesia in 2018.

Financial Management

We often hear financial scam or fraud happening in Indonesia. People can be conned for Billion of Rupiahs and the scammers can get away with Trillion of Rupiahs easily.

We then will see the sequence of disciplinary or investigation by government and big public attention which focusing on the curative and celebrity aspect of it.

We believe that prevention is always better.We call this as financial management and literacy in which people will know how they can manage their money wisely and furthermore protect themselves from being scammed easily.

In this financial management and literacy we would like to emphasize on things related with smart investing (stock,bond and other instruments),family financial management and in the future syariah based financial management.