Family Financial Management

We often heard cases (Ponzi Schemes,MoneyGame,Fraud and etc) that affecting many Indonesians. 
At least there are 2 famous cases happening in 2016 – 2017. First case is Pandawa Cooperative that swindle money up to 4 Trilyun Rupiahs. As a result it jeopardize many people from better livelihood as they put their wealth and savings to this bogus cooperative.

Meanwhile First Travel is a Ponzi scheme that cheated around 35,000 people and cost them 550 Milyar Rupiah money (around 40 MUSD). This supposed to be the investment for them to go for Umroh Pilgrimage. As a result their hard earned money lost and they cant performed this spiritual journey. 

We believe that financial literacy and management shall start from individual and family level. From that then we can reduce and prevent the same case happening again.