Technology Entrepreneur is a new wave of entrepreneurship who relying on technology advancement to change or modernize the products,good,services and often changing the business model.

We know many famous technopreneurs in USA,China,Japan and etc. However the number of technopreneurs in Indonesia is still pretty limited.

Often times people think and believe that technopreneur is difficult and not for everybody (only people with science,engineering and smart one whom can do it).

This thinking is not correct as knowing science and engineering alone will not guide you to success as technopreneur. We know several famous technopreneurs who previously worked as bankers,economist and etc. But they manage to learn and revolutionize the business models. 

Other misconception is that technopreneurship means digital business. It does not necessarily that way as you can be technopreneur for example simply by doing the following :

1)      You create the same tool that can function faster and also cheaper

2)      You find way to innovate the hydroponic farming in your town

3)      You make easier for people to access the banking services

4)     You help the city council/Pemkot get the right parking system that can increase their revenue and help the citizen to park easily.

And many other simple examples on how to be technopreneur